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Staff : Matthias Connelly

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Matthias Connelly


Program Assistant

Education: BA, Social Science, Providence College

How long have you worked at Bentley?
Since September 2014.

Tell us why you chose a career in International Education at Bentley.
Having been on both sides of international education since 2011, as a student and teacher, I have experienced part of the limitless adventure that study abroad uniquely offers. In each capacity I grew professionally and learned more than I could have imagined. I am excited to assist Bentley students share in that adventure and shape the world in which we live.

Where have you lived/traveled/worked/studied abroad? 
The first time I left the country was my junior year of college, when I studied abroad in Seville, Spain and visited a handful of cities in Western Europe and Morocco. After my college graduation, I became TESOL (Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages) certified and taught high school English in Thailand’s ancient capital, Ayutthaya, for one year. On summer break and ultimately before returning home, I backpacked extensively through Southeast Asia, India and Nepal.

Advice for students studying abroad:
Leave your comfort zone and don’t ever look back! You will be amazed at what you will learn about yourself and how you perceive the world around you. Get ready to meet some fantastic people who may just become your best friends (and visiting them will be another reason to travel in the future!).