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Staff : Denysha Jackson

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Denysha Jackson


Program Assistant

BS, Babson College

How long have you worked at Bentley? 
Since October 2017.

Tell us about why you chose a career in International Education at Bentley.
When I was young I always wanted to learn a second language. I wanted to have a diverse world view, but I was afraid to go beyond my own front door. It was not until high school that I had a desire to travel. These desires brought me closer into a better world than I previously knew. It was not until college that I realized those desires led me to International Education.I want to help everyone feel the beauty and knowledge that comes with international travel.

Where have you lived/traveled/worked/studied abroad? 
After studying Korean formally for two years, I studied in Seoul, Korea for two months at Ewha Women’s University. Despite my lack of Spanish speaking skills, I also decided to go to Santiago, Chile for a faculty-led program in college.

Advice for students studying abroad: 
Try as hard as you can to understand and experience your host country.  Ask about the best or most famous local food and eat them! If you can’t eat local food for any reason, learn about the history of the food and why it’s important or popular! Also it never hurts to bring a friend who can eat anything and let your eyes take it in.